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vintage name bracelets

my mom got a huge kick out of the fact that i found a vintage bracelet with her name on it (terry). so, the last time i was home, she gave me my grandmother’s name bracelet - her first gift from my grandfather at the age of fifteen. the inscription inside reads “love ron.” they were married almost 50 years - he passed away 10 years ago. i am so honored to wear this amazing heirloom, and in love with the (love) story behind it.


i am completely obsessed with this braided style from lauren conrad’s new blog, the beauty department. i’ve now rocked it two days in a row and can confirm it is the perfect antidote to august humidity.

via the beauty department


So.. This just happened. ;) Thank you sirius pulse and all you other awesome stations for all the love.


Fashion superhero.  It’s all about the cape. #GraziaUK


Fashion superhero.  It’s all about the cape. #GraziaUK


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